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Opening a Block Account in Germany: Visa Essentials

Learn how to open a block account in Germany for study and job seeker visas. Explore the best banks, required documents, and the online process in 2023.

Germany, renowned for its academic excellence and career opportunities, requires individuals applying for study visas or job seeker visas to open a blocked account. This financial assurance serves as proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses during their stay. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of opening a block account online, shed light on the best German banks offering this service, and provide valuable insights into the required documentation.

Understanding the Financial Requirement

To obtain a visa, it’s crucial to meet the financial criteria set for a blocked account. As of 2023, applicants must credit 11,208.00 Euros for a one-year stay, equivalent to 934 euros per month, with the flexibility to withdraw 934 euros monthly.

How Much Money is Needed to Open a Blocked Account in Germany in 2023?

To kick off your journey, let’s delve into the financial prerequisites. Understanding the monetary aspects of a blocked account is vital to a successful visa application.

Which Bank is Best for Blocked Account Germany?

Choosing the right bank for your blocked account is pivotal. We’ll explore the top contenders – Coracle and Fintiba – both approved by the German Federal Foreign Office and accepted by all German embassies and consulates.

Opening a Block Account in Coracle Bank

Coracle Bank stands out as a reliable choice for many students. Offering a normal block account for 99 Euros for up to one year with no monthly fees, they also present the enticing Coracle Prime: a 3-in-1 offer at only 59 Euros, encompassing a block account, health insurance, and travel insurance.

Required Documents for Coracle

  • Admission offer letter
  • Passport

Opening a Block Account in Fintiba Bank

Fintiba, another trusted option, provides a block account at €147.80, covering setup and monthly charges. Let’s explore the necessary documentation for Fintiba.

Required Documents for Fintiba

  • Valid Passport

Open Your Germany Blocked Account Online in 2023

In this era of digital convenience, the entire process of opening a block account can be completed online within hours. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the process seamlessly.

  1. Visit Fintiba’s online portal here to open your account.
  2. For Coracle, access their services here to initiate the account creation process.
  3. Follow the outlined steps on the respective platforms.

Transfer Payment from Your Local Bank Account into a German Bank Account

Once your block account is successfully set up, the next step is transferring funds. Whether through online services, credit cards, or net banking, the flexibility of the process ensures a smooth transition.

Show Proof of Financial to German Embassy

To substantiate your financial standing, download the bank statement from your German account. Present this statement as proof of financial funds when applying for a visa at the German embassy.

For Which Purpose You Can Use a Block Account?

Understanding the versatility of a block account is essential. Primarily, it caters to two main purposes:


In conclusion, opening a block account in Germany is not just a visa requirement; it’s your key to unlocking educational and professional opportunities in this vibrant European nation. The seamless online processes provided by Coracle and Fintiba, along with the financial flexibility, make this a crucial step in your journey.

FAQs: Your Queries Answered

  1. Is a blocked account mandatory for all visa applicants?
  2. Can I use any German bank for a blocked account?
    • While many banks offer this service, Coracle and Fintiba are highly recommended and widely accepted.
  3. Are there additional benefits to choosing Coracle Prime?
    • Absolutely! Coracle Prime not only includes a block account but also health and travel insurance at a competitive price.
  4. Can I withdraw more than the stipulated monthly amount?
    • No, the withdrawal limit is set at 934 euros per month.
  5. How quickly can I complete the entire process of opening a block account online?
    • The process can be completed within hours, thanks to the streamlined online procedures.

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