Are you a young, vibrant individual seeking an opportunity to kickstart your career? The Youth Employment Agency (YEA) is back with a bang, offering an array of job opportunities for the unemployed youth. This November 2023, numerous positions are up for grabs, spanning various industries and skill sets.

Sales and Business Development Roles

Sales Executives

If you have a flair for selling and connecting with people, the position of Sales Executive might be your gateway to success.

Business Development Executive

Explore new horizons and contribute to company growth as a Business Development Executive.

Technical and Skilled Positions

Air Conditioner Installer

Are you skilled in air conditioning systems? YEA has an opening for you!

Chief Risk Officer

For risk management enthusiasts, the Chief Risk Officer position awaits.

Infrastructure And Network Officer

Tech-savvy individuals can dive into the world of IT as an Infrastructure And Network Officer.

Software Developer

Transform your coding skills into a career as a Software Developer.

Administrative and Support Roles

Social Performance Manager

Contribute to social initiatives as a Social Performance Manager.

Marketing And Communications Manager

If you excel in communication and marketing, this role is tailor-made for you.

Cashier, Drivers, and Support Staff

Various support roles, including Cashier, Drivers, and Support Staff, are available for those with diverse skills.

Susu Loan Officer and Mobile Banker

Become a financial expert with roles like Susu Loan Officer and Mobile Banker.

Accounts Officer and Security Guard

Secure your future with opportunities in Accounts and Security.

Manager, Integrated Science Teacher, and Photo Editor

Explore diverse roles like Manager, Integrated Science Teacher, and Photo Editor.

Sales Persons and Cook

For those with a passion for sales or culinary arts, Sales Persons and Cook positions await.

Minimum Qualifications

Whether you hold a basic JHS certificate or a higher degree, there’s a place for you at YEA.

Skills for Job Seekers

Work Ethic and Adaptability

Employers seek candidates who are ready to work hard and adapt to new challenges.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude towards work is a key attribute that can set you apart.

Proactive and Professional Behavior

Showcasing proactiveness and professionalism can significantly boost your chances.

Ability to Follow Instructions

Demonstrate your ability to follow instructions accurately.

Salary Information

Discover the potential salary range for different positions, ranging from Gh¢ 600 to Gh¢ 2000, with additional commission opportunities.

Job Locations

Positions are available across various locations, including Takoradi, UPSA, Tamale, Ketu South, and many more.

Recruitment Process

Don’t miss out on your dream job; follow the link to apply through the Youth Employment Agency job portal.

CLICK HERE TO APPLY Youth Employment Agency (YEA) Job Recruitment for November 2023

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Seize the opportunity and embark on a fulfilling career with the Youth Employment Agency. Apply now, showcase your skills, and be part of a dynamic workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I apply for a position at YEA?

A: Visit the official YEA job portal and follow the simple application process.

Q: What documents do I need for the application?

A: Prepare your educational certificates, identification, and a well-crafted resume.

Q: Is there an age limit for applying?

A: YEA welcomes applications from individuals of all ages within the specified qualifications.

Q: How long is the recruitment process?

A: The duration varies, but timely applications are recommended for a swift process.

Q: Can I apply for multiple positions simultaneously?

A: Yes, feel free to apply for multiple positions that align with your skills and qualifications.