A young Kenyan woman, fresh from completing her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with plans to join the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in Mombasa, finds herself on the run from authorities. She stands accused of a shocking act – allegedly biting off her boyfriend’s genitals.


According to reports, the incident unfolded when the woman’s boyfriend, who had invited her for a weekend of “fun” at his home, failed to present her with a promised Valentine’s Day gift. This omission purportedly triggered a violent response from the woman, leading to a disturbing altercation.


Details surrounding the altercation remain unclear, but the situation escalated to the point where the woman allegedly committed the aggressive act. Now wanted by the Kenyan Police, the woman is evading arrest.


The incident highlights the potential consequences of relationship disputes and serves as a reminder of the importance of communication and conflict resolution. As the investigation unfolds, the community awaits further developments in this unusual and distressing case.