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Vodafone Ghana Officially Rebrands to Telecel Ghana

In a significant development within the telecommunications sector, Vodafone Ghana has officially transitioned to Telecel Ghana, marking a strategic move to expand economic access to communication services across the country.

Telecel Ghana has now assumed control over various operations previously managed by Vodafone, including fixed telephone lines, internet services, voice and data services, as well as cash transfer and other business services.

This transition follows the acquisition of a 70 per cent majority stake in Vodafone Ghana by Telecel Group.

During the official rebranding ceremony, the CEO of Telecel Ghana, Patricia Obo-Nai, emphasized the commitment to innovation and digital inclusion on the newly unveiled Telecel network.

Mrs. Obo-Nai assured customers of a transformative experience on the Telecel platform, promising enhanced service delivery and a focus on mobile financial solutions.

Reflecting on the transition process, Obo-Nai highlighted the one year of preparation following the strategic acquisition of Vodafone Ghana shares by Telecel Group.

She noted the deliberate approach taken to unveil the Telecel brand starting with internal stakeholders and progressing to key external partners and customers, culminating in a public launch event at Labadi Beach Hotel.

Telecel Ghana’s rebranding efforts include the introduction of the Telecel Play app, aimed at delivering a range of digital innovations and mobile financial services to customers.

Mrs. Obo-Nai emphasized the company’s presence in all 16 regions of Ghana, with plans to engage and showcase the new Telecel brand offerings to a wider audience in the coming days.

With the unveiling of Telecel Ghana, customers, partners, and stakeholders can expect a new era of communication services characterized by enhanced digital experiences and a customer-centric approach.

Source: news360gh.com

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