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The Ministry’s Proposal: Navigating the 544% Increase in Passport Fees

Passport applications in Ghana may soon come with a hefty price tag as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has proposed a staggering 544% increase in fees, raising the current GH¢100 to GH¢644. This bold proposal, currently under consideration by the Committee on Subsidiary Legislation, aims to address the financial strain caused by the production costs of passport booklets.

Reasons Behind the Proposal

In a recent session of Parliament, Minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey shed light on the necessity of this substantial fee hike. She emphasized the need to curb losses incurred in the printing of passport booklets, citing the unsustainable nature of the state continuing to subsidize passports.

Current Passport Fees and Production Costs

Minister Botchwey revealed a stark reality: while Ghanaians pay approximately GH¢100 for a passport, the production cost of one passport booklet stands at GH¢400. This staggering difference results in a GH¢300 deficit covered by the government for every issued passport.

Comparison with Other West African Countries

A comparison with other West African nations reveals Ghana’s passport fees are notably lower. The report by the Committee on Foreign Affairs highlighted that Ghana’s fee of $7.7 is the lowest in the sub-region, with Cameroon charging $180, Guinea $57, Guinea-Bissau $65, Burkina Faso $80, and Nigeria $54.29.

Minister’s Perspective on Passport’s Significance

Minister Botchwey stressed that passports are no longer merely forms of identification, especially with the widespread use of national IDs. She asserted that individuals seeking passports are likely doing so with the intention to travel.

Minister’s Appeal to Non-urgent Travelers

Addressing Ghanaians not urgently requiring passports, the minister urged them to refrain from applying, considering the impending fee increase. She acknowledged the rising costs of travel and the economic constraints faced by citizens.

Improving Passport Services

Responding to complaints about passport services, the ministry is taking steps to enhance applicant experiences. Premium centers have been introduced, allowing individuals to access world-class services for a fee.

Providing Options for Consular Services

The ministry has recognized the challenges faced by applicants and provided alternatives. Applicants can choose consular services, passports, visas, or attestations. The emphasis on premium centers aims to ensure a comfortable and efficient service for those willing to pay the additional fee.

Update on Passport Fee Increase Proposal

An update clarifies that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has proposed a 544% increase in the current GH¢100 fee, signaling a significant shift in the cost dynamics of obtaining a passport in Ghana.

Comparison of Passport Fees – Highlighting the Lowest Fee

Despite the proposed increase, Ghana’s passport fees remain the lowest in the sub-region. The government’s rationale is grounded in addressing the deficit in printing passport booklets, thus facilitating essential investments in the Passport Office.

Minister’s Stance on Passport as a Travel Intention

Minister Botchwey reiterated that passports now signify a desire to travel rather than serving as primary identification. She highlighted the economic reality that producing passports at the current fee is unsustainable for the government.

Minister’s Appeal to Ghanaians

In a final plea, the minister appealed to Ghanaians, especially those without imminent travel plans, to reconsider applying for passports. The economic constraints and the impending fee increase should be taken into account before making such decisions.

Enhancing Applicant Experience

Recognizing the importance of responsive services, Minister Botchwey emphasized ongoing efforts to improve services and environments at passport application centers. The introduction of premium centers is a step toward providing a more comfortable and efficient experience for applicants.

Options for Consular Services – Premium Centers

The premium centers offer applicants the option of paying a fee for enhanced services. Minister Botchwey assured that these premium centers would provide world-class frontend services to those willing to invest a little extra for a more convenient experience.


In conclusion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ proposal to increase passport fees by 544% reflects the pressing need to balance financial sustainability and service quality. While acknowledging the economic constraints, the government aims to ensure a responsive and efficient passport application process. The impending changes highlight the evolving landscape of travel documentation in Ghana.

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