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Police Arrest Four More Suspects in Jirapa Dubai CEO Murder Case

The Ghana Police Service has made significant progress in the investigation into the murder of Eric Johnson, the Chief Executive Officer of the Cossy Hill Hotel (Jirapa Dubai) in the Upper West Region. Following the discovery of Johnson’s body in a pool of blood in one of the hotel rooms, the police swiftly deployed the Upper West Regional Crime Scene Management Team to the scene, resulting in the initial arrest of one suspect, Kumbata Kwaku.

In a recent update, the Ghana Police Service announced the arrest of four additional suspects in connection with the murder, bringing the total number of individuals in custody to five. The newly apprehended suspects are identified as Dookuuri Fausta, Braimah Kasim, Beyuo Felix, and Michael Klugey, all of whom are employees of the Cossy Hill Hotel.

The police have reiterated their commitment to thoroughly investigate the case and ensure that the perpetrator(s) are brought to justice. As the investigation continues, the authorities are focused on gathering evidence and conducting interviews to piece together the events leading up to Eric Johnson’s tragic death.

The arrest of these additional suspects marks a significant development in the case, indicating progress in unraveling the circumstances surrounding the murder. The Ghana Police Service remains dedicated to upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety and security of all citizens.

As the investigation progresses, the police urge anyone with relevant information regarding the case to come forward and assist with the inquiry. By working together with the community, law enforcement aims to achieve justice for Eric Johnson and bring closure to his loved ones.

The Ghana Police Service reassures the public that it will spare no effort in pursuing justice for the victim and holding those responsible for his untimely demise accountable.

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