About STAR-Ghana Foundation

STAR-Ghana Foundation (SGF) is on a mission to make positive changes in Ghana. We believe in an active and informed Ghanaian community contributing to democracy and social inclusion.

Why This Job?

In Northern Ghana, challenges like insecurity are on the rise. The BRAVE project tackles this, aiming to build resilience in vulnerable communities.

BRAVE Project Overview

Imagine a project that strengthens communities against violence. That’s BRAVE. It focuses on Upper-East and Upper-West regions, helping them stand strong against extremism.

Project Officer Role

Are you passionate about making a difference? As a Project Officer, you’ll work closely with the Projects Manager, ensuring the BRAVE project runs smoothly. Your role includes daily tasks, budgeting, and community activities.

How to Apply

If you’re ready to join us, send your CV and cover letter to applications@star-ghana.org. Mention the position in the subject. Deadline: 08 December 2023.

Location and Duration

Based in Tamale, Northern Ghana, this role lasts from December 2023 to November 2024, with a chance for extension.

What Makes SGF Unique

At SGF, we bring people together for change. Our threefold approach – Convener, Catalyst, and Coordinator – sets us apart.

Impact on Communities

BRAVE isn’t just a project; it’s changing lives. From enhancing livelihoods to supporting marginalized groups, we’re making a real difference.