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I’m a hairdresser, not a military recruit,” insists the woman featured in viral recruitment photos

Hairdresser Distressed as Viral Recruitment Photos Cause Fear and Disruption

Lydia Wiafe, a 41-year-old hairdresser hailing from Ejisu Apromase in the Ashanti Region, has found herself at the center of a distressing situation as images portraying her in military attire have circulated widely across social media platforms.

Expressing vehement denial of any association with the photos, Wiafe adamantly insists that she has never served in the Ghana Armed Forces. The unintended viral spread of these images has not only sparked outrage but has also instilled fear and anxiety within Wiafe, disrupting her daily livelihood.

In an interview with Citi News’ Ashanti Regional Correspondent, Hafiz Tijani, Wiafe conveyed the significant psychological toll this incident has taken on her, as she grapples with the repercussions of false association.

Attributing the origins of the photos to potential political rallies or events, Wiafe laments the detrimental impact on her reputation and safety, expressing concern over potential mistaken identity and subsequent repercussions. She urges authorities, both military and police, to swiftly identify and hold accountable those responsible for the fabrication and dissemination of the images.

“I suspect it was during one of our political rallies and events that this person took pictures of me and circulated them. A lot of people, including relatives, have been calling me and I am not able to work to even earn a living due to this despicable act,” she states.

Wiafe emphasizes the urgent need for resolution, stressing the potential dangers posed by the misrepresentation, stating, “I am living in fear because the military could come after me. This is a clear case of falsehood against my person.”

Echoing her sentiments, Wiafe’s neighbors in Ejisu Apromase attest to her longstanding career as a hairdresser and emphasize her lack of qualifications for military service.

“She cannot be enlisted into the Ghana Armed Forces and she is not a military officer. She has been a hairdresser since. She does not have the required educational background to even be enlisted in the military,” one resident affirms.

As calls for justice resonate within the community, residents urge the leadership of the Ghana Armed Forces to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter, ensuring accountability for those responsible for tarnishing Wiafe’s reputation and causing undue distress.

“The issue is a complex one. The leadership of the Ghana Armed Forces should investigate this matter and ensure that the people behind the circulated pictures are made to face the law. She has never been a military officer. Her highest education is Form 4, and that cannot qualify her,” another resident concludes.

In the wake of this troubling incident, Wiafe and her community await swift action and resolution, hopeful that justice will prevail and restore peace of mind to those affected by this malicious deception.

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