Ghanaians are demanding the immediate dismissal of a female police officer who recently attracted attention for creating a TikTok video featuring herself and inmates.


A Ghanaian policewoman has sparked controversy with a viral video that shows her enjoying music while on duty. The video, originally posted on the @the_marcoli_boy TikTok page, features the officer in uniform, sitting behind a counter, and dancing to Asake’s popular song “Lonely At The Top.”

In the video, the young policewoman, who is also filming the scene, decided to involve three male inmates who were confined to their cells. These inmates waved and smiled as they observed the attractive police officer, identified as Eunice Dede, dancing to the music.


The 15-second video is captioned “Ghana is not a serious country” and has garnered over 12,000 views and 30 comments, causing a stir among the Ghanaian public.