The struggles of the up and coming
The struggles of the up and coming

Many up and coming stars face many struggles that goes a long way to hinder their progress.

During the beginning stages of their works they struggle and these struggles comprise of both internal and external factors.

In recent years, we live in a society were hard work and motivation isn’t encouraged.

Individuals and friends do not really appreciate the efforts people put into their work.

Ghana is blessed with individual talents who are struggling to get the needed recognition due to peoples preference for things from the outside.

Individuals from the sports and entertainment industries have suffered major setbacks as a result of the under appreciation and recognition of their work.

Similar complaints about these struggles

A popular Ghanaian blogger Kwadwo Sheldon recently complained about these struggles on social media about the fact;

That the people we are making countless efforts to promote does not really see the work we do and neither is the work we do appreciated.

Sheldon recently has accused some Ghanaian artists for not helping the undergees
Sheldon recently has accused some Ghanaian artists for not helping the undergees

A good example is Nigeria, a country where every individual has the ability to create his own art.

It is no doubt that the Nigerian entertainment industry has dominated for a couple of years.

Producing brand new artists every single time with new and worldwide hits.

I personally hold a stand on the fact that even our friends and family do not promote our work.

We try to  share the links of our works for easy access but yet still all this goes in vain.

All over the country we have young sportsmen who are good at what they do but yet still they face lots of problems with recognition and sponsorship.

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The mobile phone and the internet has brought the world closer than it has ever been.

The main question?

The question is whether it is as a result of envy, jealousy or hatred.

The main reason I chose to blog was to create a channel for showing what’s hidden to the world.

And to showcase the unidentified talent we have that is going to waste and not put to use.

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