Study In Qatar: Qatar University Bachelors Scholarships 2024

Studying abroad can be an enriching experience, and Qatar is emerging as a promising destination for international students seeking quality education. Qatar University offers comprehensive scholarships for undergraduate students, making it an attractive option for those aiming to pursue higher education in a dynamic and culturally diverse environment.

The Qatar University Scholarships are available to students from both domestic and international backgrounds. The Qatari Scholarship is a comprehensive scholarship program that covers all expenses associated with pursuing an undergraduate degree in Qatar. Prospective students seeking a bachelor’s degree from this university are highly urged to submit their applications.

Qatar University welcomes international students to pursue their studies in any academic discipline or major of their choice. There are no limitations or constraints on schoolwork. Applicants may originate from any location worldwide and possess any citizenship. The award will fully cover all expenses associated with pursuing an undergraduate degree in Qatar.

Qatar University is a publicly funded educational institution located in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. The organization was established in 1973. The university has an enrollment of about 8,000 students representing various countries. The university has the top position in the country’s rankings.

Specifics on the Qatar University Bachelors Scholarships

  • Host University: Qatar University
  • Academic Level: Bachelor’s degree
  • Scholarship Coverage: Fully funded
  • Eligible Nationality: Open to individuals of all nationalities
  • Host Country: Qatar

Financial Advantages

The Qatar University Bachelors Scholarships 2024–25 in Qatar for International Students offer financial assistance to help you complete your degree.

  • Qatar University Scholarships will cover the entire cost of tuition fees.
  • University Accommodation Provision.
  • Exemption of Textbook Fees.
  • Yearly return flight ticket.

Types of Scholarships

Merit-based financial aid for admission

Qatar University provides this grant to students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and apply for undergraduate programs. Applicants are required to submit their application for this scholarship within the designated application time. Selection for this scholarship is based on a competitive process.

Objectives of the Program

  • Enlisting highly accomplished students at Qatar University.

Application Prerequisites:

  • The candidate must possess a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification.
  • The applicant must obtain final acceptance (not provisional admission) from the university.
  • The scholarship must be used in the same semester it was granted. If the student fails to complete their first semester, the scholarship will be discontinued, and the student will receive notification via their QU email.
  • Applicants are ineligible to receive both this scholarship and another form of sponsorship or scholarship concurrently.

Criteria for the Continuation of Scholarships:

  • The student is required to uphold a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • The student is required to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 12 hours per semester.
  • The student must adhere to the designated timeframe for graduation as outlined in their study plan.
  • Students must maintain continuous registration throughout the fall and spring semesters until they graduate.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to comply with the academic regulations, policies, and procedures of Qatar University.

Documents Necessary for Application

Applicants for this scholarship only need to provide the documentation necessary for admission, and no additional documents are needed.

Application Process

Applicants can submit their application for the admission scholarship by accessing the online admission application and navigating to the “Scholarship Application” section within the designated application time.

After receiving the applications, the scholarship committee will take into account the applicant’s English proficiency exam scores (IELTS or TOEFL) as well as their scores in mathematics (SAT, ACT, QU Math Placer) or other tests chosen by the committee.

Procedures for Applying and Assessing:

  • Students submit their applications for admission and scholarships online through the designated online admission application within the specified application period.
  • The applicants will undergo evaluation following the expiration of the online scholarship application deadline.
  • The candidates will be contacted, if necessary, to submit the necessary documentation for acquiring the award.
  • The students will receive email notifications of the final acceptance and scholarship decisions according to the schedule.


Scholarship for International Students

Qatar University provides academic scholarships exclusively to international students applying for undergraduate programs. However, students who are transferring from other universities, visiting students, non-degree applicants, and those seeking a second bachelor’s degree are not eligible for these scholarships.

The applicant is required to submit their application for this scholarship within the designated application time. Candidates for this scholarship are chosen through a competitive process.


Studying at Qatar University through the Bachelors Scholarships program offers a transformative educational experience for students worldwide. With comprehensive financial support and a commitment to academic excellence, Qatar University stands as a premier destination for undergraduate studies in the Middle East.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who is eligible for Qatar University Bachelors Scholarships?

Qatar University Bachelors Scholarships are open to students of all nationalities who meet the specified academic criteria.

2. How can I apply for these scholarships?

Applicants can submit their applications online through the Qatar University admission portal during the designated application period.

3. Are there specific requirements for maintaining the scholarship?

Yes, scholarship recipients must uphold minimum GPA requirements, complete a set number of credit hours per semester, and adhere to academic regulations.

4. Can international students apply for Qatar University scholarships?

Yes, Qatar University offers scholarships exclusively for international students, aiming to attract diverse talent to its undergraduate programs.

5. What documents are necessary for scholarship application?

Applicants need to provide academic transcripts, test scores, and other required documentation as specified in the application guidelines.

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