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Study in China: Chinese University of Hong Kong Scholarships 2024

Studying abroad is a dream for many, and China stands out as an increasingly popular destination for international students. Among the prestigious institutions in China, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) offers a range of scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025, making studying at this esteemed university more accessible than ever before.

Introduction to CUHK

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, ranked 39th in the QS World University Rankings, is renowned for its blend of Chinese and Western educational principles. It excels in various fields including Business, Engineering, Law, and Medicine. Moreover, CUHK emphasizes multidisciplinary education, catering not only to STEM fields but also to Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Undergraduate Scholarships

  1. Scholarships for Non-Local Students’ Admission
    • Eligibility Criteria: International students meeting CUHK’s entrance prerequisites are automatically considered for this scholarship. They should possess secondary education credentials and meet specific English language proficiency requirements.
    • Scholarship Details: Ranging from HK$5,000 to cover tuition fees to an allowance of up to HK$45,000 per year, this scholarship aims to support international students in pursuing their undergraduate education at CUHK.
  2. The Belt and Road Scholarship
    • Eligibility Criteria: Open to first-year undergraduate students from countries along the Belt and Road and other foreign countries.
    • Scholarship Details: Sponsored by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Scholarship Fund, this scholarship covers full tuition costs along with an additional bursary of HK$50,000 per year.
  3. CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships for Excellence
    • Eligibility Criteria: Exclusive to first-year undergraduate students at CUHK with outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements.
    • Scholarship Details: Valued at HK$50,000, this non-renewable scholarship is awarded to eight deserving students annually based on their academic performance and leadership qualities.

Postgraduate Scholarships

  1. Scholarships for Advanced Degree Pursuers
    • Eligibility Criteria: Available to postgraduate students pursuing full-time research at CUHK.
    • Scholarship Details: With a grant amount of HK$216,300, this scholarship aims to meet the financial needs of postgraduate students engaged in rigorous research activities.
  2. Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
    • Qualification Requirements: Exceptional academic and extracurricular qualifications for PhD candidates.
    • Fellowship Details: Sponsored by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council, this fellowship provides a monthly salary of HK$26,900 and a conference travel allowance of HK$13,500 annually, renewable for up to three years.


Application and Further Information

The deadline for scholarship applications is October 30th. Applicants must submit the necessary documents via the CUHK online application system. For more details and to stay updated on scholarship opportunities, visit the official CUHK website.


Studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong opens doors to a world-class education enriched with cultural diversity and academic excellence. With a variety of scholarships available, aspiring students can pursue their academic aspirations without financial constraints.


  1. Are CUHK scholarships open to international students only?
    • No, CUHK scholarships are available to both local and international students.
  2. What are the application deadlines for CUHK scholarships?
    • Deadlines vary, so it’s crucial to check the official website for specific dates.
  3. Can I apply for multiple scholarships at CUHK simultaneously?
    • Yes, but ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship.
  4. Do I need to apply separately for each scholarship at CUHK?
    • It depends on the scholarship; some require separate applications, while others are automatically considered based on your admission application.
  5. How can I stay updated on CUHK scholarship opportunities?
    • Visit the official CUHK website regularly for the latest announcements and updates.
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