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Study In Canada: Deloitte One Young World Scholarships 2024

Study In Canada: Deloitte One Young World Scholarships 2024

In today’s world, grappling with significant global challenges, Deloitte stands as a beacon leading the charge for revolutionary change. Addressing the urgent climate crisis is imperative across all industries. In response to this pressing global issue, Deloitte takes pride in announcing the Deloitte One Young World Scholarships 2024.

Urgency of Climate Change Action

The recent IPCC report has unequivocally highlighted the urgent need for action concerning the climate crisis. The call to combat climate change while upholding the Paris Agreement demands innovative and cooperative solutions. Concurrently, there is an increasing necessity to invest in education and foundational skills. However, prevailing educational inequities worldwide impede the acquisition of essential knowledge and abilities for millions.

Deloitte’s Commitment to a Sustainable Future

At Deloitte, the recognition of fostering a sustainable future where every individual can thrive resonates deeply. The commitment extends towards addressing global climate change while influencing the lives of 100 million people by 2030 through initiatives like WorldClass and WorldClimate.

Details about Deloitte One Young World Scholarships 2024

As a dedicated partner of One Young World, Deloitte intends to sponsor five outstanding young leaders to attend the summit in Montreal from September 18–21, 2024. These scholarships aim to empower progressive leaders dedicated to mitigating climate change or enhancing global access to opportunities, skills, and education.

The Summit: Purpose and Significance

The sponsored scholars will gain full access to the summit, including accommodation and transportation. This enables them to engage in influential conversations, foster connections, and actively participate in various sessions aimed at driving impactful change.

One Young World Community and its Global Impact

The annual One Young World Summit serves as a pivotal event for emerging leaders worldwide. It offers a transformative platform for leaders to unite and address humanity’s greatest challenges. Beyond the event, participants become esteemed members of the global One Young World Ambassador community, fostering a unique and influential network.

Partnerships Driving Change

One Young World boasts partnerships with over 190 international companies, NGOs, and academic institutions. These partnerships play a crucial role in talent acquisition, retention strategies, and a commitment to support young leaders globally.

Available Programs and Subjects

Deloitte One Young World Scholarships 2024 in Canada offer summit-level programs focusing on subjects like climate change and climate action.

Benefits of the Scholarship

Scholars will enjoy benefits such as participation in the Montreal One Young World Summit, accommodation, travel reimbursements, exclusive workshops, and mentorship opportunities.

Qualification Standards and Eligibility

Applicants aged 18-30 displaying commitment, leadership qualities, and a thorough understanding of global issues stand eligible. Their initiatives should demonstrate solutions for education, skills, and environmental challenges.

Application Process and Requirements

Applicants can register via the official website, showcasing their commitment to constructive change through a well-detailed online application.

Conclusion: Empowering Future Leaders

Deloitte’s commitment to empowering young leaders aligns with the aim of ensuring a sustainable and inclusive future for all. By fostering engagement, mentorship, and significant change, the initiative ensures a brighter tomorrow.



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