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Second installment of Abena Korkor’s intimate video surfaces online (Watch)

It seems that Abena Korkor, a Ghanaian social media personality and mental health advocate, has recently been involved in controversial online behavior that diverges from her usual focus on mental health awareness. This shift has led to concerns about the impact on her reputation and the potential confusion it may create among her followers.

One notable incident involved her going live on social media while taking a bath, offering an intimate view into her personal moments. Such content is generally considered private, and the move surprised and discomforted many of her internet users.

Additionally, Abena Korkor has been sharing explicit and sensual photos on her Instagram account, which has garnered both praise and criticism. Given her role as a mental health advocate, the explicit nature of her content has raised questions about the message it sends to her audience.

The revelation of her relationship with a Nigerian boyfriend, accompanied by the open sharing of intimate moments on social media, has further intensified the scrutiny surrounding her online activities. While individuals have the right to pursue personal relationships, sharing explicit content of such relationships may be perceived by some as crossing a line.

It’s worth noting that public figures often face increased scrutiny, and the contrast between Abena Korkor’s advocacy for mental health awareness and her recent online behavior has sparked discussion and debate among her followers and the broader public.

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