The Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies which was formerly called the University for Development Studies (UDS) Wa Campus in partnership with news360gh is said to be cooking something interesting for its students and the entire public.

Following the Presidents directives to make this university autonomous, this university starting as a fresh university has got little bit of challenges, but the student body in an attempt to make their campus a dreamland is pushing the name of the university higher with a new initiative.

Following the swearing in of the new president-elect of the Student Representative Council (SRC) Tampuri Nicholas Baningid as the first SRC president of this young university he aims to restore the power the SRC has lost in previous years and putting the interest of the student first. 

Newly sworn SRC president of SDD-UBIDS Tampuri Nicholas Baningid
Newly sworn SRC president of SDD-UBIDS Tampuri Nicholas Baningid

TRENDING –  An initiative that aims at show casing all happening around the campus. We have got various student associations and individuals who are talented and doing great stuffs on campus. we have comedians, we’ve got poets, we have our own university Football league, we have models, we have visionaries and what have you. 

Trending is bringing the juice with a single to know what’s happening around your campus, how its happening and where it is happening. 

We will bring to you first hand information, the gossips, the heart breaking stories and most importantly the stories to keep you moving.

what’s Trending!!! can this speculation really be true? 

In an exclusive with one of the reporters of news360gh, he claims the reason behind this program is to enhance socialization as the university remains a social institution so as to promote social cohesion and promote good human relations between and amongst students with the aim of widening the connection between the university and other universities across the nation.

He also added, ” I don’t necessarily think the university is all about the class you obtain, but also the individuals you meet in the process. They can either compliment the degree to make it or more useful or more useless. Every single day I wake up, I really feel there is the need for me to use what I to promote the hard work of other people”  

Having spent a couple of years in the university has given me the chance to respect humanity and that is something that I always say I am privileged to learn.

People go through a lot of emotional and financial stress but yet still they still put in their best, putting a smile on a person’s face is the cheapest but yet still the biggest gift to can give out. 

We are trying to put smiles on the faces of millions of people not only within the boundaries of the school but also outside the territories of the university campus.  

This is also a conscious effort to build the confidence of students and giving them the exposure to be able to express themselves. 

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