Ghanaian caught at airport trying to leave the country without a passport

Another thing that caught the eyes of many people who saw the video is that the man wanted to leave the country with a polythene bag.

He was also seen wearing a pair of jeans over a simple plain t-shirt and complimented his looks with slippers.

The young man, after he was made out, was escorted by airport security and taken behind a barricaded checkpoint.

It appeared he had it all figured out but turned out disappointed after he was ‘caught’ and asked to leave the airport’s premises.

Former winner of dancing competition for plus-size women, Di Asa, Precious Mensah, known popularly as PM has been spotted eating a huge mountain of banku.

The former Di Asa queen was seen eating the banku with what looked like groundnut soup when she got spotted by the camera.

Precious Mensah appeared to be enjoying her meal and herself as she looked on seriously in the huge blow of soup.

It appeared her mouth was already full as she tried putting more of the delicious food into it so as to finish the food quickly.

Ghanaian comedian Ajeezay was seen in the cut so it is yet to be ascertained whether PM was really eating the food all by herself or it was just a skit.

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