Inusah Fuseini is suffering from \'emotional dysregulation\' - Pyschologist

Professor Joseph Osafo, head of Psychology of the University of Ghana. Has said the Member of Parliament for Tamale Central constituency is suffering. He said the MP, Mr Inusah is suffering from ‘Emotional Dysregulation’.

Emotional Dysregulation is a condition where a person is unable to control or regulate his or her emotional responses to a situation. This condition is commonly related to children as many sees it to be a childhood problem.

Professor Osafo made this revelation while discussing the NDC and former President’s refusal to accept the 2020 election verdict.

The MP for Tamale Central has advised Mr Mahama to declare himself as president-elect. He has asked the Former President to form a parallel government. Alhai Inusah said the impunity of this government which is legendary must stop. He believes the only way to solving it is Mr Mahama declaring himself as president.

He stressed Mr Mahama should declare himself as Presisent and form a parallel government.

Professor Osafo reacting to Hon. Inusah Fuseini’s comment stated that forming a parallel government is not good at all. He said this comment will plunge the country into a state of disorder.

Professor Osafo has advised Alhaji Fuseini and Mr Mahama’s advisors to offer wise counsel.

According to the professor, those calling on former President to declare himself as President should exercise restraint. He said we will be throwing our country into disarray if we do this. Professor Osafo added that this action is emotional dyseregulation.

He insisted that the NDC should do what the law demands.

Professor Joseph Osafo continued by saying that there is a supreme arbiter in town. This arbiter is the Supreme Court and the law allows everyone to go to the court. HE saidthis during a panel discussion on Peace Fm’s ‘Kokrokoo’.

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