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Job Vacancy: Office Administrative Assistant at Executives International School

Executives International School in Kumasi is hiring an Office Administrative Assistant. Let’s dive into what this role entails and why it’s an exciting opportunity.

2. Job Summary


You’ll be multitasking, handling day-to-day tasks, and solving problems. Good communication and organizational skills are a must.

Skills Required

Besides being organized, you should be good with people, have MS Office experience, and pay attention to detail.

3. Qualification and Experience


Need at least 3 years in international school administration. Experience with British or Cambridge curricula is a bonus.


A degree in business or school administration is required.

4. Location: Kumasi

The job is in Kumasi, a lively city with a rich cultural scene.

5. How to Apply

Submission Details

Send your application and CV to info.eis.edu@gmail.com.

Application Deadline

Apply by 30 November 2023.

6. Why Choose Executives International School?

EIS is focused on academic excellence and offers a supportive environment for your professional growth.

7. Importance of Office Admin Assistants in Schools

Central Role

You’re the backbone, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Enhancing Efficiency

Your organizational skills boost the efficiency of school processes.

8. MS Office Skills: Essential

Knowing your way around MS Office is crucial for this role.

9. Customer Service and Interpersonal Skills: Key Components

Being friendly and good with people is vital for creating a positive school environment.

10. Project Management Skills: Navigating School Life

You’ll need to manage projects to keep the school running smoothly.

11. Attention to Detail: Ensuring Perfection

Every detail matters in the educational world. You’ll make sure everything’s perfect.

12. Added Advantage: British or Cambridge Curricula Experience

If you’ve worked with British or Cambridge curricula, that’s a big plus.

13. Life in Kumasi: A Vibrant City

Kumasi isn’t just work; it’s a city with a lively culture and warm community.

14. Conclusion

Joining Executives International School as an Office Administrative Assistant is more than a job; it’s a chance to contribute to a thriving educational community.

15. FAQs

Q1: What does an Office Administrative Assistant do?

A1: You handle day-to-day tasks and ensure the school runs smoothly.

Q2: Can I apply without international school experience?

A2: While preferred, strong administrative backgrounds are welcome.

Q3: Is experience with British or Cambridge curricula necessary?

A3: It’s a bonus but not mandatory. Relevant school admin experience is the focus.

Q4: What sets Executives International School apart?

A4: EIS prioritizes academic excellence, offers a supportive environment, and is in the vibrant city of Kumasi.

Q5: How do I apply for the Office Administrative Assistant position?

A5: Send your application and CV to info.eis.edu@gmail.com by 30 November 2023.