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Job Opportunity: Presenters Wanted at Metro TV

If you’re a vibrant Gen Z individual with a passion for presenting, Metro TV wants you! Located in Accra, we’re on the lookout for energetic presenters to join our team. Here’s a simple guide to the job requirements and how to apply.

1. What We Need: Your Presenter Skills Unleashed

We’re searching for more than just a pretty face. If you can captivate audiences with charisma and energy, you’re the one we’re looking for. Ready to make your mark in broadcasting? Keep reading.

2. Where We Are: Broadcasting Hub in Accra

Our HQ is in the heart of Accra for a reason. The dynamic energy of the city matches what we want in our presenters. Being part of Accra’s broadcasting scene means connecting with diverse audiences and making a real impact.

3. How to Apply: Your Journey to Stardom

Applying is easy. Kickstart your journey by sending a demo clip to info@metrotvonline.com. Want to take it up a notch? Visit our Ridge office for an in-person trial. This is your chance to shine.

4. Don’t Miss Out: Deadline Alert

Mark your calendar! The deadline is November 29, 2023. Ensure your demo clip and documents reach us before that date to be in the running.

5. Why Us: The Metro Advantage

What makes Metro TV special? We value creativity, authenticity, and commitment to quality. Joining us means becoming part of a community that nurtures talent and rewards hard work.

6. Grow With Us: From Presenter to Star

Metro TV isn’t just a job; it’s a platform for your career. We offer opportunities for skill development and career growth. Many of our presenters have become stars in the broadcasting industry. Join us on the journey to stardom.

7. Nail Your Demo: Tips for Standing Out

Your demo clip is your ticket to the interview. Make it count! Showcase your presenting style, confidence, and versatility. Let it reflect your passion for the role.

8. Visit Us: Experience the Magic Live

Submitting a demo is crucial, but we also encourage you to visit our Ridge office for an in-person trial. It’s a chance for us to see you in action and for you to feel the Metro TV vibe. We believe in personal connections.

9. What We Want: Ace Gen Z Presenter Qualities

What defines an Ace Gen Z Presenter? It’s all about authenticity, adaptability, and understanding the Gen Z audience. If you’ve got these qualities, you’re exactly who we’re looking for.

10. Broadcasting Today: A Quick Look at the Industry

A glimpse into the present and future of the broadcasting industry. Be part of shaping it with us.

Conclusion: Your Future at Metro TV

Summing it up, Metro TV is your gateway to broadcasting stardom. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a dynamic team. Apply now and let your presenting journey begin!


  1. Q: Can I apply if I don’t have prior presenting experience?
    • A: Absolutely! We welcome fresh talent with passion and energy.
  2. Q: What should my demo clip include?
    • A: Showcase your presenting style, confidence, and versatility.
  3. Q: Is there an age limit for applicants?
    • A: No, we’re interested in your skills and passion, not your age.
  4. Q: What career growth opportunities does Metro TV offer?
    • A: We provide ample opportunities for skill development and advancement.
  5. Q: Can I apply if I’m not from Accra?
    • A: Yes, we encourage applications from all locations. Metro TV is open to diverse talent.