Dr. G. Koryoe Anim-Wright

Accra (UPSA) is pleased to announce Dr. G. Koryoe Anim-Wright as a Registrar appointment of the University.
Firstly, Dr. Anim-Wright may be a seasoned professional with quite 25 years of management experience in education. Her experience spans the areas of fundraising, institutional advancement, and grants and contracts. Before her appointment, she held the position of Dean of UPSA’s Centre for International Education and Collaboration (CIEC).

As Dean of CIEC, she worked collaboratively with the university community to interact in new programs that strengthened the university’s internationalization efforts.

Under the term of the Vice-Chancellor, she worked closely with external partners at other education institutions in both locally and overseas. she develops several new collaborations and partnerships to expand UPSA’s international efforts to incorporate faculty, staff, and student exchanges.

She also served because the lead on several international grants and programs, and successfully wrote proposals for funding of grants.

Before UPSA, she held the position because the first female President of the African University College of Communications. As President, she led the university through several important milestones including the event of the extra graduate program, infrastructure expansion and upgrades, and program and institutional reaccreditations.

Dr. Anim-Wrigh

Dr. Anim-Wright worked at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) for 3 years. She participated and also served because the first Director of GIMPA’s Office of Corporate Affairs and Institutional Advancement.

Before GIMPA, Dr. Anim-Wright was vice chairman for Institutional Advancement at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU), Danbury, CT (USA) from 2005 to 2010 where she had overall responsibility for the stewardship of WCSU’s advancement program. She also served as Director of PR and Director of University Relations at WCSU.

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Dr. Anim-Wright is currently the host of the longest-running news program on Ghanaian television, ‘Talking Point’.

She holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a degree in Communication and Development from Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

The University Council, Vice-Chancellor, and therefore the entire University community congratulate Dr. Anim-Wright on her appointment. She assumes office on 1st August 2020.

Accra (UPSA) is pleased to announce Dr. G. Koryoe Anim-Wright as a Registrar appointment

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