Tri-mainland Educator Preparing

Tri-mainland Educator Preparing (TTT) is a trade program among three Colleges: College of Instruction, Winneba, Ghana, College of Hamburg, Germany, and College of North Carolina-House of prayer Slope, USA. The reason for TTT is to encourage the expert improvement of sprouting instructors/educator teachers and offer them a global introduction through cooperation and organizations.

The members of the program will explore new semantic and social spaces and instruction frameworks, which will offer them chances to be more ready to manage vulnerability. The program profits by those encounters as a reason for reflection and learning.


The program is available to every single alumni understudy of College of Instruction, Winneba, seeking after projects in Training. Explicit qualification include:

Must be a postgraduate understudy seeking after a customary program in Instruction at any of the grounds of UEW.

More likely than not finished the first year of the program by July 5, 2020.

Must show an enthusiasm for worldwide companionships and joint efforts

Must have great scholarly records

Ought to be focused on being a commendable envoy for UEW at the worldwide level.

Tri-Mainland Instructor Training Cooperation

The task will empower members to encounter instruction in intercultural settings. By presenting future instructors to different societies and urging them to consider their own encounters and observations, it means to help polished skill in educator preparing examines. In particular, members get the chance to watch, break down, and talk about exercises, instructive frameworks, and instructional strategies in Ghana, Germany, and North Carolina.

These encounters are proposed to assist them with getting ready for their work in differing study halls. The undertaking will offer members a chance to consider their biases about other instructive frameworks and grow their insight and abilities. They will investigate points and difficulties they are probably going to experience in their future vocation. Members will likewise sharpen their scholastic aptitudes by partaking in a gathering based examination venture.

Effective candidates

Furthermore, Effective candidates will be matched with German accomplices (amigos) with whom they will team up on scaled-down undertakings. They will likewise take an interest in Workshops (September – December, 2020) in readiness to facilitate accomplices from Germany who will go through about a month at UEW in February 2021.

Following this, Ghanaian understudies in the program will make a trip to Hamburg, Germany in the late spring of 2021, to take an interest in a multifaceted trade program. To peruse increasingly about the Tri-Mainland Instructor Preparing program, visit:

Step by step instructions to Apply for Tri-Mainland Instructor Training Association

Intrigued graduate understudies should fill an application structure online by means of this connection:

Also, candidates are to present the accompanying as an email connection to

A letter of inspiration portraying your own aspirations, how this program will be useful and what you would like to add to the program (Greatest 500 words)

Refreshed Educational program Vitae (CV)

Also, Proof of Scholastic greatness (Transcripts liked – undergrad transcript will under-acknowledge base whether postgraduate ones are not promptly accessible)

Contact of two arbitrators ( Ought to be Senior Individuals in your area of expertise who can affirm and vouch for your dedication)

A shortlist of candidates will meet before the definite choice may finish.


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