The CEO Officer(CEO) of Ghana Cocoa Board(Cocobod), Mr Joseph Boahene Aidoo has implied of conversations with President Nana Akufo-Addo inflation in cocoa pricesRight now, the govt gets one sack of Cocoa beans from ranchers at 515.00 Ghana cedis.

The Chief said since the Cocoa part was the foundation of Ghana’s economy which help to ensure the consistent quality of the cedi, Cocobod and hence the legislature have taken strong choices that will inure to the government assistance of the 1.2 million Cocoa ranchers in Ghana.

He added by saying during a commitment with Cocoa ranchers at isolated capacities at Nsuaem No.2 and Wassa-Afransie as a piece of a working visit to Dunkwa-On-Offin and Wassa-Akropong Locale in the Western South Cocoa District. Mr Boahene-Aidoo

The Nkosohene (Advancement Head)

Furthermore, the Nkosohene (Advancement Head) of Nsuaem No.2, said as a piece of endeavors to ensure that Cocoa ranchers delighted in the their rewards for so much hard work, Ghana presently fixes and directs the value of Cocoa for the planet, consequently the need for ranchers to grow their land and embrace sound social practices on their homesteads to procure in any event 20 packs for every 1 section of land.

The President of Cocobod told ranchers that the govt had sourced a-200-million dollar subsidize from the Farming Advancement Bank (ADB) in South Africa to influence the swollen shoot malady which was overflowing inside the Wassa-Akropong and Dunkwa Locale by cutting the ailing trees for re-planting through augmentation officials and utilized youth inside the zone.


Mr Boahene-Aidoo mourned that 60 million seedlings got to ranchers during the Mahama organization however incidentally, more than 200 million hectares of Cocoa turned sour inside the Cocoa Districts of Ghana.

It is against this setting Cocobod has left upon customary visit and visits to cocoa homesteads to inspect mass pruning, encourage ranchers to not belittle unapproved synthetic concoctions by Cocobod on their homesteads, including that around 30,000 pollinators are utilized to embrace the hand fertilization practice through and through the 1.2 million Cocoa cultivates the nation over.

Mr.Boahene Aidoo noticed that ranchers weren’t gathering up to 1,000 units on their Cocoa trees on account of rebelliousness with social practices. He reported that the govt has reserved a motivator bundle for ranchers who watched sound social practices to broaden profitability.

source: ghanaweb

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