Ghanaian German Place for Employments

Ghanaian German Place for Employments

The Ghanaian German Place for Employments, Relocation and Reintegration (GGC) and its accomplices will hold the principal virtual vocation reasonable in Ghana named the Ghana Virtual Profession Reasonable.

The accomplices are the designation of German Industry and Business in Ghana (AHK Ghana) and the Service of Work and Work Relations (MELR).



Scheduled for July 8, 2020, and focused at youthful jobseekers, the reasonable expects to add to handling joblessness and underemployment, improve aptitudes base and advance enterprise among the young in the nation.


It likewise tries to supplement the endeavors of the Ghanaian government in finding enduring answers for youth joblessness.

The profession reasonable is dependent on four center regions of computerized aptitudes, employability, enterprise, and trade among jobseekers and industry.

In his comments, at the dispatch which was transmitted live on facebook, the Leader of the Ghanaian German Center, Benjamin Woesten, emphasized the Middle’s promise to help Ghanaian youth in their aptitudes upgrade to utilize their potential in the most deliberate manner.


“In our commitment with the adolescent since the opening of the center in December 2017, one thing stands apart the Ghanaian youth is so brimming with extraordinary potential and given the correct instruments, stage and presentation, there is so much they can do. For us at the Ghanaian-German Center and in a joint effort with our accomplices, we need to and are glad to be the ones giving this stage to empower them to accomplish their fantasies.”


Mr Woesten included that “the COVID-19 pandemic, however it accompanies some uneasiness in regards to our failure to truly assemble at a focal area as has consistently been the training, is likewise giving us an incredible open door for us to contact individuals past the confinements of a physical joining point.

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This implies regardless of where you are in Ghana, you can partake once you are associated with innovation. In this way, I will empower all, particularly work searchers and business people to exploit this virtual profession reasonable which has such a great amount to offer.”


The Agent of the Appointment of German Trade and Industry (AHK Ghana), Dr Michael Clear, urged individuals to accept the new reality as a test and venture up to it by going computerized and finding better approaches for associating, encountering, and sharing.

The Priest of Business and Work Relations, Ignatius Baffour-Awuah, demonstrated that the Service’s participation with GIZ, especially the GGC, has come about in more than 1000 openings for work “for the youthful Ghanaian who in any case had no desire for getting openings.”

He encouraged every single youngsters envious of landing positions and managers enthused about drawing in youthful capable individuals to exploit the Ghana Virtual Vocation Reasonable and be available (essentially) at the reasonable.



The Ghana Virtual Profession Reasonable will highlight prepared speakers from the private area. Also, they will give members an uncommon chance to connect with speakers through virtual workshops, board conversations, brief trainings, among others all on one stage.

Coordinators additionally reported at the dispatch that the initial 500 individuals to enroll will get free information bundles. Enrollment is free and is presently operating at the Facebook page of the GGC (FB: Ghanaian German Place).


source: ghanaweb

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