Prophet Seth Frimpong Dies after marrying again.

A sad report has destined at today about a well-known Ghana musician and dancer Prophet Seth Frimpong. He is popularly as “Mehwiri so” which means “a jump catch” in the Akan language.

On 24 April, 2020 that was Friday which marks the day of his death. He was suffering illness way back in 2016. This illness silenced him for a while in the music industry. He came back into the industry in early 2017 after recovery. It once said in an interview that “I went blind but I never disclosed to any of my relatives”.

Prophet Seth Frimpong Dies after marrying again.

Additionally, he said “always send my children to the washroom so by the time they are done. I would be done with anything to do at that moment. All I because I did not want anyone to notice my current state”. Fortunately, the third day he covered his sight agai9n.

On there hand, he has had the intention to compete in the National Dance Competition in 1988 but he never did. He came into Ghana music industry in the year 2000 where he released his firs album ‘Ade A Nyame Aka’. This album brought a massive breakthrough in his initial stage. Moreover, in 2002 released another heart touching album called “Enkosi Aga” which also made him more popular.

The most memorable scene of his mega-hit song “mehuri so” was his prophetic dance he exhibits alongside the music when performing. Prophet Seth jumps, open his hand, and fold it in the air back down.

He worshiped with the Gospel Assemblies of God, Tafo branch in Kumasi for years. He explained bitterly that all his love once turns their back on him when needed him them for help in his times of life crises.

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Additionally, he said, his own wife left him because of his current state. His own music friend Brother Sammy even visits him when he feels like.

“Prophet Seth Frimpong Dies” is the at the moment



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