“TOM AND JERRY” INVENTOR died at the age of 95.

The word most popular animated series which has been there for ages director has passed away. Mr. Gene Deitch was born on 8th August, 1924 in Chicago at United State of America. He is popular of making animated cartoons. But the most popular among what he does is “Tom and Jerry”. On the other hand, he as animated and directed cartoons such as Muron, Tom Terrific, Poye, Nudnik and many more.

His Early life

Deitch met his 1st wife called Marie, they gave birth to three children which they are all guys. He travelled to Czech Republic to work with Bratři v triku studio. There he met another woman called Zdenka Najmanová who works as the production manager at that time so he settled there with her for many years.

At the age of 25, he started his career at production called UPA (United Production of America). with his much of his effort he then became the director of “Terrytoons”. Also, he also wrote stories such as “the Adventure of Terrible Thompson” and “Hero of History”.

In his 27 years of age, he lost his job at UPA (United Production of America) so Deitch setup his own studio named Deitch Associates Incorruption in the New York City. At initial stage of his new production he was much into Tv commercials.  


At Czech Republic, he worked with producer William Sydney and Czech animator called J. Trnka who where they all worked together as one. The worked on animated film called “The Hobbit”. They made short film which was assigned by their producer William Sydney in 30 days. The short-animated novel got missing until William Sydney son retrieved it. They the published the novel on YouTube in the year 2012.

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He was discovered as the best animation director of all times. He wrote 37 films where much are of children’s picture. He retired at the age of 45 years with many awards including Annie Winsor McCay Award from Holly wood for his dictated services in his tenure of office.

Tributes from funs

Many funs are showing love and how they are hurt on social media especially on his twitter page. Majority are thanking him how he me made their childhood life so lovely and pleasant with his most popular short series “TOM AND JERRY”.

Case of his death

Aside his age, people who are close him says that he used to complain about his stomach. He was suffering from intestinal burns for years in contrast people are suspecting that he died out of corona virus. Because of, his death happens in corona era which this might be the case.



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