Ghana Military Academy Courses And Programmes: Your Path to a Distinguished Military Career

Are you aspiring to serve your country with honor and distinction? The Ghana Military Academy (GMA) offers various courses and programmes tailored to equip individuals with the necessary skills and expertise to excel in the Armed Forces. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the different courses available at GMA, from the Regular Course to Special Medical Intake, providing insights into the training regime, duration, and career prospects associated with each programme.

Overview of Courses and Programmes

1. Regular Course

The Regular Course is a foundational programme divided into two phases:

  • Standard Military Course (SMC): A rigorous 3-month training period focusing on basic military skills and principles.
  • Regular Career Course: A comprehensive 12-month training covering advanced military training, leadership development, and specialized skills.

2. Short Service Commission and Special Duties Course

Designed for direct entry professionals and servicemen, this 6-month course prepares individuals for roles as specialist officers within the Armed Forces. Graduates receive a Short Service/Special Duties Commission upon completion.

3. Special Medical Intake

A condensed version of the Short Service Commission and Special Duties Course, the Special Medical Intake comprises 12 weeks of intensive military training. It aims to enhance cadets’ military bearing, physical fitness, leadership qualities, and other essential virtues.

Training Highlights

  • Jungle Training: Cadets undergo 2 weeks of jungle training at the Jungle Warfare School in Achiase, Eastern Region, to familiarize themselves with jungle operations.
  • Mountaineering: A week-long mountaineering session at Amedzofe, Volta Region, enhances cadets’ physical and mental resilience.
  • Tactical Exercises: Tactical exercises in various locations, including Bundase, Aburi Mountains, Michel Camp, Zenu, Katamanso, and Gbatsona, prepare cadets for conventional warfare scenarios.
  • Barracks Lessons: Comprehensive tutorials cover drill, officer training, leadership, tactics, physical training, skill at arms, fieldcraft, military law, map reading, voice procedure, and the organization and roles of the Ghana Armed Forces.
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Career Opportunities

Graduates of GMA’s courses and programmes have diverse career opportunities within the Ghana Armed Forces, including:

  • Regular Commissioned Officers
  • Short Service/Special Duties Commissioned Officers
  • Specialist Officers in various fields
  • Medical Officers
  • Engineering Officers
  • Administrative Officers
  • Intelligence Officers

Why Choose GMA?

  • Reputation: GMA is renowned for its commitment to excellence in military training and education.
  • Expert Instructors: Cadets receive guidance from experienced military instructors and faculty members.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Access to modern facilities and resources enhances the learning experience.
  • Career Progression: GMA graduates are well-positioned for rapid career advancement within the Armed Forces.


The Ghana Military Academy offers a range of courses and programmes designed to mold individuals into skilled and disciplined military professionals. Whether you aspire to a regular or short service commission, or seek specialized roles within the Armed Forces, GMA provides the training and opportunities to achieve your goals.

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  1. Can civilians apply for the Regular Course at GMA?
    • No, the Regular Course is specifically for individuals who have been selected for military service.
  2. Are there age restrictions for applying to GMA courses?
    • Yes, candidates must meet the age requirements specified by the Ghana Armed Forces.
  3. What are the physical fitness requirements for admission to GMA?
    • Applicants must pass a physical fitness assessment as part of the selection process.
  4. Is accommodation provided for cadets during training?
    • Yes, GMA provides accommodation and other essential facilities for cadets throughout their training period.
  5. Are there opportunities for international collaboration or exchange programs at GMA?
    • GMA occasionally participates in international training exercises and exchange programs with partner countries.